Grant Harward, Fulbright Fellowship Scholar

I wrote this story on April 7, 2016.  It’s over Grant Harward, a Ph.D. student at Texas A&M who recently won a grant to travel to Romania to complete his research:

Begun in 1946 by Senator William Fulbright, the Fulbright Fellowship operates in over 155 countries and awards grants to 8,000 people per year. The College of Liberal Arts’ Grant Harward is one of these people.

The Fellowship sponsors American and foreign student exchanges, with an emphasis on the exchange of cultures in an effort to foster global acceptance.
Harward is a doctorate student of history at Texas A&M University. He earned his bachelor’s degree in history at Bringham Young University in 2009, and his master’s degree at the University of Edinburgh in 2010, with an emphasis on WWII. He came to Texas A&M for his Ph.D. research for his dissertation entitled, “Holy War: The Romanian Army, Motivation, and the Holocaust.”

“I was already researching the Romanian army, and I wanted to continue,” Harward said. “I was looking at highly-ranked military history programs in the United States, and Texas A&M has one of the best military history programs. Also, there was a professor I really wanted to work with: Dr. Roger Reese.”

This fall, Harward will be leaving to Romania, where he plans to complete his research. He said that he expects his main sources of information will be the National Military Archives in Pitiesti and the archives of the Romanian Secret Police in Bucharest. Thanks to the Fulbright Fellowship, as well as a grant from the Romanian Cultural Institute, Harward plans to stay until summer of next year.

“I feel ecstatic and relieved,” he said. “This is a really big accomplishment and it will help me not only finish my research, but also to be more competitive on the job market.”

Harward hopes to become a professor at a research university upon earning his Ph.D.

Grant Harward, Fulbright Fellowship Scholar


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