Commissioners set to talk budget, money transfers

This was published on July 22 in the Jacksonville Progress. It was just to let people know what the county Commissioners’ Court had planned for their next meeting.

The Cherokee County Commissioners’ Court will meet on Monday. The meeting will take place at the Cherokee County Courthouse in the city of Rusk at 10 a.m.

There are several items on the agenda. The preliminary 2017-18 budget for Cherokee County will be presented. The Court will also consider authorizing Precinct No. 3 to amend their budget and transfer money within its budget in the following ways: Transferring $2,790 from the insurance proceeds account into sundry, transferring $10,000 from the Equipment Purchase & Expense account into the Machinery Repair & Parts account, and transferring $50,000 from carryover into the Road Oil & Paving Materials account.

Other items on the agenda include:

Considering laying utility lines in each precinct;

Considering the resignation of County Surveyor Wayne Morgan and the appointment of a new county surveyor; and

Considering the approval for Imposition of Optional Fees for the calendar year of 2018.


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