County surveyor Morgan resigns; Officials prep for budget talks

This story was published in the Jacksonville Progress on July 25, 2017.

The Cherokee County Commissioners’ Court met Monday at the Cherokee County Courthouse. With the exception of Kelly Taylor, commissioner of Precinct No. 1, all commissioners were present. After the call to order and invocation by Cherokee County Judge Chris Davis, the meeting got underway.

One of the big issues on the agenda was the resignation of Wayne Morgan, the county surveyor. Morgan worked for Cherokee County for 32 years before deciding to retire from his position. In a letter to Davis and the commissioners, he recommended his deputy, Chris Morgan, to take the position for the remainder of his term.

This caused some discussion amongst the commissioners, as they had also received a call from a citizen who was interested in the position and wanted to interview for it. Chris Morgan’s experience and familiarity with the job and the people he would work with won out, however. The court voted to accept Chris Morgan as the new county surveyor until the position is open for re-election.

Another item on the agenda was the presentation of the preliminary 2017-18 budget for the county. Some of the items listed in the new budget included an increase in health insurance, the IT department requesting to move up from part-time to full-time positions, the sheriff’s department wanting a full-time nurse, and a $20,000 increase to the budget of the health department. Davis pointed out that this was only a preliminary budget, so any numbers that were presented were not solid. The court will try to hold budget workshops next week, he said.

Other items on the agenda included:

Considering laying utility lines in all precincts, which no commissioner had any issue with;

Approval for the Imposition of Optional Fees for the calendar year of 2018;

Approval of assignment of contracts from Bryan & Bryan Asphalt Road Oil, Ltd., to Bryan & Bryan Asphalt, LLC;

A presentation of the Cherokee County Juvenile Services proposed 2018 budget; and

Approval of Precinct No. 3 to amend its budget by transferring $2,790 from the Insurance proceeds account into sundry, $10,000 from Equipment Purchase & Expense into Machinery Repair & Parts, and $50,000 from carryover into Road Oil & paving Materials.


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