Jacksonville officials discuss fire safety at Bonner Street Plaza

This story was published in the Jacksonville Progress on July 25, 2017. An equally important, but less-reported story from the same event was how good hot dogs and snow cones are for breakfast.

Members of the Jacksonville Fire Department visited the Bonner Street Plaza Rehabilitation and Senior Center this past Friday for a fire safety show. The community outreach program allowed firefighters to teach others about the fire fighting profession.

“Fire safety is important anywhere, but especially in a nursing home,” said Captain Randy Ragsdale. “It’s important to keep residents informed.”

During the event, firefighters gave safety tips and spoke about fire fighting. A fire truck and an ambulance were also on hand for tours. Children and adults, alike, attended the safety program. Tammy Dennis, an employee of the center, dressed in full firefighter’s gear as part of the demonstration. She said the suit was heavy and hot. Children climbed into the truck, and firefighters gave them stickers for participating.

Several Texas counties have instituted burn bans for the time being. It is already illegal to burn anything within the city limits of Jacksonville without a proper permit, but as of now it is still okay to burn within the wider Cherokee County area. According to Ragsdale, being aware of fire safety is especially important in the summer.

“It’s usually pretty dry until August and September,” he said. “If it quits raining like we’ve seen, it [fires] could become a real problem.”

Hot dogs and snow cones were served at the event, and members of the Jacksonville Police Department were also present. However, the event was cut short after the ambulance received a call. Still, Ragsdale called the event a success.



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