Rusk City Council mulls speed bumps for Euclid Street

This article was published in the Jacksonville Progress on July 22. It’s just a short article over local goings-on.

Euclid Street, in Rusk, may be getting speed bumps soon. The topic was on the agenda for the Rusk City Council meeting on July 13.

Several residents are concerned about the amount of traffic and speeding the road has seen, including Bill Holland and Jeanie Swink. People complained at the meeting about many vehicles, including 18 wheelers, using the street. There were also reports of people drag racing late at night, but this has not been confirmed, according to City Secretary Cinda Etheridge.

Euclid Street runs through a residential neighborhood, and also connects highways 84 and 69. According to several Rusk residents, people have been using the road to cut across to the opposite highways.

“I guess that GPS is telling people to take the street because it’s quicker than going all the way to the four way stop,” said Etheridge. “As far as the reports of speeding go, I couldn’t tell you. I haven’t gone to sit down there myself.”

Etheridge also pointed out that there are some alternatives to permanent speed bumps on the street. Temporary speed bumps could be installed more quickly and cheaply, for example. Another alternative would be to increase the amount of police patrols in the area. More police patrols are likely to happen while the city council determines its course of action, said Etheridge. Before any form of speed bumps are installed, however, they have to decide a number of things: What kind of speed bumps, how many, who should install them, what price range, etc.

“The city is not moving forward until we talk to an engineering firm,” Etheridge said.

The city council heard the concerns of those present at the meeting, and are looking into the feasibility of permanent speed bumps as well as the alternatives. No action has been taken as of yet.

Other items on the city council meeting’s agenda included:

A public hearing on the annexation of 2.67 acres of land in the J.M. Miller Survey;

Discussing and considering appointments to the Rusk Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors, the Board of Adjustments, the Texas Railroad Authority, and the Planning Zoning Board;

Considering sealed bids for land in the John Hundley Survey and Daniel Joslin Survey;

Discussing and considering an ordinance granting a franchise agreement to the Cherokee County Electric Cooperative Association;

Discussing and Considering a Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Rusk and the Community Loan Center of East Texas; and

Discussing and considering a request from Trey Todd, Todd Land and Cattle, LLC, to voluntarily annex 3.5 acres of land into the Rusk city limits.


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