Sheriff’s department hopes to hire part-time nurse

This was published on July 27 in the Jacksonville Progress. It was just a short article to clarify some proposed expenses that were brought up in the last county commissioners court.

Reports that the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department is hoping to hire a full-time nurse during the next fiscal year have been clarified.

During the Cherokee County Commissioner’s Court meeting on Monday, some items were mentioned to be included on the next budget for the county, including the nurse position.

However, Cherokee County Sheriff James Campbell said the position will be for a part-time nurse.

“We’ve had a full-time nurse for several years,” Campbell said. “We’re wanting to hire another part-time nurse.”

Medications are given to the prison inmates regularly, and a doctor comes to visit once a week, Campbell said. However, a single full-time nurse is simply not enough to keep up with the work, he said. The department wants another nurse to help dispense the medication, and to see if a sick inmate is actually having a medical emergency. Campbell said the nurses are more qualified to perform these checks and can do them better than non-medical members of the department.

“Some of these people come in with a whole shopping bag of medications,” he said. “We’re just trying to prevent a bad situation.”

Budget workshops will begin for county officials next week.


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