UPDATED: Small plane crashes along Highway 69

This was put up on the Jacksonville Progress’s website close to the end of the day on August 1, 2017. We heard about the plane crash pretty soon after it happened, and I got to rush out and take some photos. Me and several other reporters from different papers were able to scrape together some basic information, and I put the story and the best picture I got up on the website as breaking news. (The “Update” came from another reporter the morning of August 2, but the rest is mine.)

UPDATE: Joshua Daniel, 36, of Bullard and Jamie Jackson, 33, of Tomball were identified by DPS officials as the occupants of the plane. Daniel was treated and released from a Tyler hospital while Jackson remained hospitalized Wednesday morning.

A small plane crashed on highway 69 between Bullard and Mt. Selman. Two people were in the plane, and both sustained head injuries. One was removed from the scene via ambulance while the other was removed with an airlift. The plane was reported to have taken off from Tyler, and was southbound in the direction of Jacksonville.

According to Sgt. Patrick Dark of DPS, the plane was flying low over the highway, when it suddenly turned around and took a nosedive. One of the people in the plane was a 36-year-old studying for a pilot’s license. The other was their 33-year-old instructor. As of yet, nobody is sure who was flying the plane at the time of the crash.

The FAA has been notified of the accident, and is sending a team down from Dallas to help investigate. DPS will remain with the wreck until they arrive.

More information will be released as it becomes available.



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